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IVAN PRIATMAN ARCHITECTURE is a creative studio specializing in designing your house to be an extraordinary one that suits all of your unique needs.

We believe each house should be different. We believe each house should be unique. Each house should be suited and catered to the needs of the inhabitants.

Above all, we believe each house should be fun to design and to live in. There’s nothing more that we’d rather be doing than designing your future home.

Ivan Priatman is Principal Architect and Designer for every house. Besides practicing residential architecture at IVAN PRIATMAN ARCHITECTURE, he is also Director of Architecture at PT. Archimetric, a prominent architectural and engineering firm specializing in public buildings, where he holds the lead role in many of the firm’s notable projects ranging from commercial buildings, hotels, academic buildings, and so forth. Prior to joining PT. Archimetric, he is a Junior Architect at Altoon Porter Architects, Los Angeles, USA.

Ivan Priatman was educated at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies. During his undergraduate study, he was accepted to the Architecture in Rome Program, an intensive architecture studio held in Rome, Italy. He later obtained
a Master of Architecture degree and the Graduate Certificate in Building Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA where he received top honor at graduation.

Ivan Priatman is a licensed Architect and a member of the IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia). He has taught at Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya. His works have been published in numerous national and international publications.

And he continues to have fun making every house.